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Ceo Message
Property Life İstanbul
Ceo Message

CEO’s MESSAGE by Jahid Aydogan

Dear Visitors, It gives me great pleasure to welcome you today and I hope you will enjoy our website with all its information and videos which is the best real Estate Encyclopedia of Turkey in search engines.

Within the PLI Group we take care of 2 different ventures: International ınvestment guide based on Turkey, Contracting,developing and Consultancy for big brands and companies. Property Life İstanbul is our main business brand for Investment guide, we have been specialized in International and Turkish Real Estate Market since 1996.

How to guide you exactly, the secret of our success and serious customer satisfaction is that it will be easier for you to experience it with your experiences but we will talk about what we are doing briefly… We create income generating exclusive investment deals. We cooperate with the largest and most reputable developers in Turkey.

Real estate and construction sector is one of the most dynamic in the world. The need to adjust and adapt is continuous. In PLI we grow from these opportunities which we believe brings out the best in us; creative marketing mechanisms, developing profitable business models, discovering new projects. We are always searching and looking at the future to propose our clients with winning investment products.

I personally believe that Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and the promising city in the world where opportunities are countless. This “Dream City” already became a 2nd home to so many nationalities. Istanbul is also growing fast allowing investors to achieve profits in short period of time.

The past years PLI became the market leader for the Hotel Apartment investment concept. We developed eight projects on the European Side of Istanbul, we exceeded our customer’s expectations and provided them with great deals of small budget/short term profits.

We created a parallel investment model called VILLA-HOTEL. We have been planning luxury Villa Developments on south of Turkey which is very famous with holiday resorts and villas . Our concept is not only to build and to sell our properties but to propose a full concierge service and suggest investments all over the Turkey which ones is the most profitable at that time as your conditions

We will have the option to manage your villas with short-term weekly rentals allowing you to gain the highest annual rental income. We already have been practicing this successful business plan in different parts of South Turkey. Property Life İstanbul owns one of the largest Rental Company in Turkey PLI Group. The last 4 years have been the most opportunistic times for investing in Turkey and will continue to be. Turkey has still so much to offer for both private investors and international funds.

“Our mission will be always excellent for your experiement “
Show respect, be loyal, talk honest, preserve the environment and care as yours. It’s been an amazing, exciting journey since we first established PLI and I would like to thank all of our clients for sharing this adventure with us so far.


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