Price :
59.000 $
  • JAN 2018
  • K007
  • Oda Sayısı :
    1+1, 2+1
  • Lokasyon :
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Project Detail

Buy an Apartment Only for 5.000 USD Downpayment in Basınekspress, near atatürk airport

PropertyLife İstanbul offer great opportunities for buyers. We took a flexible payment plan from a reputable and trusted construction company in Istanbul

Payment plan as follows

1+1 apartments' downpayment is just 5.000 USD. The rest amount is fixed payment as 5.000 USD each month.

2+1 apartments' downpayment is just 7.500 USD. The rest amount is fixed payment as 7.500 USD each month.

You can reach the airport in a short time, you can go to all places of Istanbul via E5, TEM and 3rd Ring Road. But most importantly, the station met by Metro, Marmaray and Havaray very soon will take its place right next to you. If you want to live your business with your home

Property prices and availability
1 bed from 61m2-67m2 and priced from 80,000usd-120.000usd
2 bed from 95m2-252m2 and priced from 120.000usd-450.000usd

Why this project to buy?

In that area, many companies' head offices, many news and actual TV channels and international hotels and companies are found. It is clearly seen that these prescient companies also had an investment of million dollars on this area.


    •Canal Istanbul: It is planning alternative to be the new bosphorous, integrating the 2 lakes Büyükçekmece and Küçükçekmece. This is biggest future project of the goverment.

    •Direct connection from the highway: We are directly in front of  the project , there  is a connection way with highway also project is the close of the biggest ways ( e5 and tem way ) of the istanbul which let our investors travel 5 km less and gain at least 30 min till to public transportations. 

    •3rd Bridge: Its construction completed , so the traffic problem in European side will decrease. Also, the direct connection from TEM highway to this area has affect transportation gets easier.  

    •3rd Airport: After its construction is completed, Karaburun Airport (3rd airport) which is 17 min away from Project. Also, there will be subway from 300 meter away from our Project, you may reach directly to the 3rd new airport in 15 mins by metro! Also to other central locations in Istanbul as it is officially announced in government’s web site. 

    •Ataturk Airport: Near Ataturk airport.

    •Exhibition Area : Moreover, this area is the exhibition center in Istanbul that’s why in each month, we are welcoming many people coming from abroad or from other parts of Turkey.

    •Hotel District : Also having a 5 star hotels around this area, makes this location more prestigious.Since we will have a worldwide organization, we need to host participants and guests in a comfortable way. So, we are in the middle of lots a 5 star hotels.


3 Km From Atatürk Airport and Küçükçekmece Lake, 23 Km from Taksim,The mid point of Tem Highway and E5 motorway street , There will be hotels, hospitals, and schools available around the Project.Close to all public transportations. (Subway,Metrobus exc.) Walking distance to METRO underground system. Social facilities available in the project

- concierge services similar to the services of 5-star hotels

- shops and commercial units

- Spacious outdoor swimming pools

- Indoor swimming pool for winter

- Water sports and sailing club

- Marina for small and medium boats

- Basketball and outdoor tennis courts

- Landscape gardens with tracks

- Massage rooms and steam rooms

- Turkish bath and sauna to relax

- Fitness center and yoga studio

- Arts and culture lessons

- Hobbies and entertainment facilities

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